August 12
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YEREVAN. - The statement of the German FM on reconsidering the economic policy towards Ankara will be followed by specific actions.

Deputy Dean of the Oriental Studies Department of the Yerevan State University (YSU), Turkologist Ruben Melkonyan, told the aforementioned to Armenian News –

In his words, the German-Turkish relations have long been in problematic field. “And the statement of the German foreign minister is actually quite logical, since the Turkish side has not only repeatedly made statements, which contradicted normal relations, but also took specific measures, which violated certain norms of diplomatic ethics and universally accepted criteria of interstate relations,” Melkonyan said.

After the recent escalation, particularly the arrest of human rights consultants and bringing German military units out of NARO base in Turkey, it becomes more realistic that the minister’s statement will be followed by specific actions, all the more so as there are preconditions for that.

“Let’s not forget that the Turkish-German relations have another aspect of tension. This is the multi-million community of Germany and various issues related thereto, which have been serving the Turkish-German agenda for already several decades. That is, this is a big problem for Germany for solving which different steps are being taken. I think the statements of German officials also conceal a serious issue—the Turkish presence in Germany and negative effects related to that presence,” Ruben Melkonyan concluded.

Earlier, German FM Sigmar Gabriel announced that the German Government aims to reconsider its course towards Turkey. The head of the agency noted that the conditions of providing loans and economic support to Turkey, as well as Berlin’s efforts towards preparing Ankara to joining the EU will be reconsidered. The German MFA will also toughen the security recommendations for Germans wishing to leave for Turkey. This decision has already been approved by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The reason behind this was the arrest of German human rights consultant Peter Steudtner. Five of his colleagues, including head of Turkish representation of Amnesty International İdil Eser, were detained together with him. 

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