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YEREVAN.- Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hasn’t ruled out the possibility of him being nominated as candidate for prime minister during the 14 days following his upcoming resignation with the presumption of intentionally not being elected in order to pave the way for disbanding the incumbent parliament.

The PM made the announcement at a meeting with lawmakers from the Yelk faction.

“During this period it will also be necessary in order to ensure certain legal processes for the Yelk faction to have active role in the coming period, during these 14 days. The likelihood is high, it is also the advice of lawyers, that during these 14 days I get nominated as candidate for prime minister at least in the first phase, in order for the process to be fully in line with the spirit and letter of law, certainly with the presumption of not being elected. And on this matter I would like us to discuss, to achieve agreements beforehand, and of course to discuss the ongoing political situation. Although we have always been in contact during this period, also at the moment of crisis, but to once again meet and discuss is very nice, thank you for responding to the invitation.

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