September 22
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·       National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan has handed his resignation.

In his statement, Vanetsyan described his resignation as “the best and most justified option” in the present situation and the context of future developments.

Vanetsyan also said he is resigning as confidently as he assumed his position, and added that during the last 18 months he was guided by “homeland and officer’s honor are above everything” principle.

Armenia PM also confirms the information on the resignation and noted that a statement has been signed, an order will be announced in the coming days, while the decision was made based on joint discussions.

Pashinyan, however, did not disclose the names of possible candidates for the post.

Later, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian signed a decree on the resignation of Artur Vanetsyan.

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, on Monday is holding a big press conference in Vanadzor.

He had earlier announced that his next news conference would take place in Gyumri.

During the press conference, he presented 100 new facts about Armenia, including that the real GDP growth in the country, the growth of tax revenues, the increase in a number of taxpayers, the growth of tourism flow, while the dimension of Armenia’s economy is shrinking.

He also announced that Armenia is expecting President of Iran Hassan Rouhani on October 1.

“You know the geopolitical situation concerning Iran, and the implementation of our agreements is, to a certain extent, linked to that situation as well,” he said adding that there are specific sanctions that are creating certain obstacles.

According to him, the Government won’t back down and will send the bill on making amendments to the law on bank secrecy to the National Assembly.

“I have said that Armenia needs to fight against corruption at the institutional level as Scandinavian countries do,” the PM noted.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is also not enthusiastic about the mining industry but urged not to demonize it as according to him, tourism is currency sources for the country, and in case of war this source is running out, while export of products will also cease for obvious reason, so the only source is mining.

According to PM, Armenia does not intend to apply to the structures of the Eurasian Union (EAEU) to postpone the increase in customs duties on cars determined by the rules of the EAEU.

“We must work on development, on increasing our effectiveness. Concerns about the prices that we once experienced have already been overcome through the elimination of monopolies,” he said.

·       The Armenian representative Karapet Chalyan reached the semifinals of the Greco-Roman wrestling world championships held in Nur-Sultan.

However, the representative of Armenia Gevorg Gharibyan (60 kg) in the 1/16 finals was defeated 0-7 by Uzbek Elmurat Tasmuradov.

Meanwhile, Armenia’s Karapet Chalyan (77 kilos) lost to Sweden’s Alex Bjurberg in the semifinals of the 2019 World Wrestling Championships in Nur-Sultan.

Chalyan qualified for the Olympic Games and he would fight for the bronze medal on September 17.

Later it became known that Artur Aleksanyan will not participate in the final clash as the athlete sustained a rib injury in the semi-final yesterday and he won’t be able to compete.

·      Karina Ignatyan, 12, will represent Armenia in Junior Eurovision 2019. The name of the Armenian representative was announced during the “Depi Mankakan Evratesil” TV show.

This year 10 singers were participating to get a ticket to Junior Eurovision 2019, which will be held in Poland on November 24.

·      A Poland man who was attacked by a bear on Mount Aragats, Armenia, died.

The rescuers found two Poland citizens who climbed Aragats at around 4:35 pm. Pyotr B., 33, was pronounced dead at the scene half an hour later, Armenia's Emergency Situations Ministry reported.

Earlier, the 911 emergency hotline received a call from Polish citizen Margot J. informing that she and her friend—also a Polish national—had climbed Mount Aragats where, however, they were attacked by a bear, her friend was wounded, and rescuers’ assistance was needed.

·      Members of the “Amulsar Without Mine” initiative, a movement that is opposing the operation of Amulsar gold mine, presented their demands during a rally at Liberty Square in downtown Yerevan.

The activists called to stop ignoring the demand of the people and urged to recognize Lydian company’s expert conclusions as invalid.

Members of the initiative demand that Lydian should withdraw equipment from the territory of Amulsar.

They believe that Lydian’s activities in Armenia are illegal, as they are violating the principles of the law on environmental impact and provisions of the RA Code on Bowels, the law on Lake Sevan and other laws.

“The power belongs to the people, and every second we are ready to demonstrate our strength, our determination in the name of Powerful Armenia,” the statement says.

·       Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a meeting with former President of Germany Hans Joachim Gauck, who is in Armenia on a personal visit.

Prime Minister cordially welcomed Gauck’s visit to Armenia and stated that he is glad to see him in the country. “We have recorded the fact that your statement on the Armenian Genocide in 2015 became the starting point that led to the adoption of a resolution on Armenian Genocide recognition by the German Bundestag,” he said.

Hans Joachim Gauck expressed gratitude for the cordial reception.

 “Mr. Prime Minister, you substantiated the importance of my visit. Germany attaches great importance to an in-depth perception of the Armenian Genocide in German society,” ex-president, in his turn, noted.