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Yesterday, search and rescue teams retrieved the bodies of 41 fallen servicemen from Horadiz and Jabrayil. Hunan Tadevosyan, head of the information and public relations department of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) State Service for Emergency Situations, stated this in a conversation with Armenian Thursday.

"The search started on November 13, and 933 bodies have been retrieved so far," Tadevosyan added.

He noted that in many areas, however, the Azerbaijanis were canceling the pre-planned search operations. "In many areas, such as Hadrut and Jabrayil, the Azerbaijanis are obstructing the implementation of search operations. The Red Cross and the Russian peacekeeping contingent are negotiating with them," said Hunan Tadevosyan.

He added that another obstacle was the cold weather, which was complicating the work of rescuers.

The search in Shushi Region was stopped at the beginning of the month, but Tadevosyan assured that it will resume soon, as many servicemen who were in Shushi have not been found yet.

According to Hunan Tadevosyan, the parents of the missing servicemen are also taking part in the search, while the Russian peacekeepers are assisting in the negotiation process and are the escorting party. "The young volunteers who took part in military operations in the given areas during the [recent] war are taking part, too," Tadevosyan added.

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