July 23
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We are in a village, in an area that is the epicenter of our Christian faith because here is [the] Khor Virap [Monastery], which was built on the hill of the Illuminator, where [St.] Gregory the Illuminator was kept [prisoner]. Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who is the ruling Civil Contract Party’s candidate for Prime Minister, stated this Monday during their election campaign in Pokr Vedi village of Armenia’s Ararat Province, ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

He delved into Armenian ancient history and noted that King Tiridates had taken the form of a pig, but St. Gregory the Illuminator had returned his human form to him, then announced: "I believe there is a very big symbol in this story, and one of the biggest problems of our reality is the 'pig-form' authorities. The 'pig-form' authorities are, in general, the biggest problem in our country, and they were our problem, and the revolution of 2018 took place in order to close the page of the 'pig-form' authorities in Armenia," he said, noting that there is a huge Christian symbol here.

"It is about the internal content and relations with the people. We have established a Christian government in Armenia because our government has based itself on the voice of many, and the voice of many: the voice of God," added the acting prime minister.

Pashinyan noted that going through severe trials, they first of all return to the Christian principle of forming a government. "This election, campaign, is first of all a way of atonement for us. We have not come to just ask for a vote, we have come to look into the eyes of each of you, to hear your reproaches, criticisms because this also stems from our Christian nature.

After the [Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)] war [last fall], everyone—the opposition, the authorities—spoke, but now the turn has come for the people to speak. June 20 is the day for you to speak, June 20 is the day for God to speak because the voice of many: the voice of God. And it is from one of those Christian values that we say we are obedient to any decision made by the people because the decision made by the people is the decision made by God," Nikol Pashinyan added.

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