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Our goal is to win the elections and form an independent government. Robert Kocharyan—the second President, leader of the "Armenia" bloc which will run in Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections, and its candidate for prime minister—said this in an interview with Russian media, when asked whether his bloc could form a coalition after these election.

"We are not talking about coalitions now, the current situation shows the uncertainty of a number of parties, and it is not clear what configuration will be arranged in the parliament. But if necessary, we will make some coalition decisions," Kocharyan said.

Asked about the possibility of election-related clashes in Armenia, he said it was an undesirable development of events, but could not be ruled out. "Everything will depend on the election results. If the election commission does its job fairly, within the framework of the law, I do not think there will be serious consequences," Kocharyan added.

He noted that the probability of a second round of elections was small.

Explaining the differences between the election program of the "Armenia" bloc and the rest, Kocharyan noted that if it is a question of competition with the incumbent authorities, then the latter have no program at all. "This is quite strange, as the authorities do not try to tell about their successes or failures. Any election is an report; but there is no word about that. They blame the former authorities—moreover, everyone—for today's failures. I believe they are obsessed with the events of 2018—with national support and love—, and have remained under the impression of those events," said the former president.

“Yes, we [the ‘Armenia’ bloc] are planning political reforms. Our goal is to bring balance to all branches of power; I spoke about it. Nut today the Prime Minister has more powers than the President. We felt on our skin what unbalanced power is," Robert Kocharyan added.

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