December 01
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Appointing Makunts to the position of Ambassador to the United States of America is a bad decision of the Prime Minister, just like his other appointments. This is what publisher and editor of California Courier Harut Sassounian said during a conversation with Armenian

“They [the Armenian authorities] recalled an experienced ambassador, Varuzhan Nersisyan from the United States and replaced him with an incompetent and inexperienced person who is one of the close ones of Pashinyan and a member of his political party. This will have very bad consequences for Armenia’s and the Armenians’ advocacy. It will also mix up the US-Armenia relations and have a negative impact on the Armenian American community, which is against this appointment,” Sassounian stated.

Sassounian also informed that the Armenian American community had warned Pashinyan to not take that step months ago.

“However, as always, Pashinyan doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice and does whatever he wants. We, as patriotic Armenians, are ready to support our ambassador and our government, regardless of who they are. If we want to help Makunts, she also has to have the desire to help us help her. If she has the desire, we’re ready to support her with our advice and contacts. However, if she doesn’t want to hear our advice, we won’t give her advice. This reminds me of my 50 years of experience during the past and current administrations of Armenia,” Sassounian stated.

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