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BAKU. – Prostitution gets younger. If previously prostitute girls were above 25, currently their age is 15-18, and this is the most shocking, Azerbaijani Musavat newspaper reports after having conducted a research.

Teenage girls are subjected to sexual exploitation in the majority of bars in Baku. It spreads the illnesses as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and B, syphilis and others. The newspaper writes also that the service is given
starting from $62.

Another Azerbaijani Bizim Yol newspaper writes that tearooms have turned to trafficking places in Baku. Prostitutes are working in tearooms secretly, while dancing clubs have turned into “proper places” to
subject the young girls into sexual violence.

Human Trafficking-2011 U.S. State Department report writes that struggle against trafficking does not meet at least the minimal criteria in Azerbaijan. The report writes that men are sent to Russia and Moldova for forced labor, while women are sent to Turkey, Russia, Arab Emirates and Iran subjected to sexual exploitation. Azerbaijan is presented as a transit state for trafficking.

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