December 04
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Henrik Jeppesen, Danish travel blogger, is famous as a person who visited all countries in the world. In an interview with Armenian Henrik shared his impressions about Armenia and named his favorite country.

What was your first trip and where did you go? 

I did not travel much as a child but decided to travel the world despite the lack of experience. I went alone to Egypt and South East Asia when I was 17.

You visited every country, including Armenia. What are your impressions of our country?

What memories of Armenia do you have? It was fantastic. Armenia is a unique country in a country where Europe meets Central Asia. I really enjoyed it. The people were very friendly and was very happy to easily get a visa on the border. Loved the historical buildings of Yerevan. A beautiful and walkable city.

Describe your usual trip to a country. How much time do you spend there? Do you plan to visit any sites beforehand? Do you usually go to restaurant to eat something traditional?

I have spent months in many countries, but some countries are very small, like Pacific or Caribbean islands and don't require months to experience. I usually go to Wikitravel for a list of things to do and see. Then try to plan a visit to whatever that is possible. I've had food poisoning several times so I am usually very careful about going to a restaurant I don't know in a place I am not familiar. It's a good idea to ask for local advice on where to eat. Especially outside Europe.

Name a country that surprised you most. 

Rwanda is one of my favourite countries in the world. The land of a thousand hills is a beautiful experience. The infrastructure is fantastic by African standards making it very enjoyable. I first travelled from Kigali to Gisenyi and back. Then from Kigali to Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. All trips were spectacular. While the scenery is the highlight, I also liked when people ran after the bus to sell stuff like elsewhere in Africa and interacting with locals.

Can you offer some tips: how to travel having low budget?

I looked at every single spending. Staying with locals. Eating cheap food at supermarkets often instead of restaurants. Hitchhiking (more than 1,000 times) or local buses instead of taxis whenever possible. Hotel points and air miles helps as well. On many days I spent less than 5 dollars. It’s much cheaper to visit every country in the world than people think, but you must be willing to live like a local on a budget, not like a tourist. If one wants to copy my project, it's important to open a blog so sponsorships might be possible like I got with more than 1,000 hotels and 100 airlines in the past years of my project.

Your next goal is to visit every territory in the world. When do you plan to start?

I started a long time ago. I would like to set a new world record of visiting all 325 countries and territories. I have already visited all 193 countries. Of the 132 territories, I have currently 36 left. There are some very interesting and difficult places left so it would hopefully be interesting to follow it and my travel tips on social media.

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