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YEREVAN. - Military education has been in the center of the Armenian leadership’s attention since the republic gained independence.

Head of the National Defense Research University of the Armenian Defense Ministry, professor, Lieutenant General Hayk Kotanjyan said the aforementioned at the forum“Nation-army 2017”held in Yerevan Thursday.

“The analysis of the balance of the military threats to the security of the Republic of Armenia and its resources for their parrying show that the further development of the defense system should be based on innovative conceptual ideas. Besides, the state-of-the–art means of nationwide defense corresponding to the development of the defense and security idea of allies and partners of Armenia and their technological achievements should be applied as well. The concept of “nation-army” is such an idea of strategic caliber, whose introduction supposes formation of qualitatively new level and deep cooperation between the society and the Armed Forces. 

In this context, the significance of the recently implemented monographic development of the concept of “nation-army” at our university should be underscored, which includes the modernization of the phenomenon of traditional Armenian militia army in the conditions of modern revolution in the sphere of information and digital technologies.    Apparently, for the effective development of such an innovative cooperation the priority is given to lifelong learning and preparation of management staff, which has relevant knowledge and skills. It is no coincidence that since the day the Republic of Armenia gained independence, its military and political leadership has kept in the center of its attention the issues on the formation and development of military education system development.

Within the framework of this policy, former defense minister and current President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan instructed to get familiarized with the principles of the activity of the U.S. National Defense University through passing a scientific internship there and draw up a project of the establishment of its sister organization in Armenia through adapting its model to our conditions. The Institute for National Strategic Studies was established in the system of the Armenian Defense Ministry exactly in line with this multi-stage program.

In the process of its activity, the Institute, being the scientific base of the future National Defense Research University, made steps aimed at the creation of a qualified professional environment necessary for conducting secure defense research in Armenia. The research conducted in this scientific institution is aimed at the future transformation into the innovative base of a security-related education for management staff, while the research staff should serve as an intellectual center of faculty.

To this end, in the recent years an instrument for the production, systematization and publication of strategic knowledge for lecturing in the future Research University was created: applied science journal of strategic research “Working copy-books,” in which collective monographs are published,  presenting regional and functional research conducted in cooperation with the specialists of Institute for National Strategic Studies and with the involvement of the leading national and foreign experts.

In the framework of the consistent development of the scientific constituent in cooperation with the U.S. National Defense University, groups of strategic games and cybersecurity were created in the Institute for National Strategic Studies. One of the main aims of creating groups of strategic games is to apply innovative methods of analysis for increasing the accuracy of results of research conducted in the defense system in the conditions of high-level uncertainty and forecasts of turbulent dynamics of regional security. At the same time, the creation of this group aims to introduce innovative method teaching into the future educational process, in particular, strategic games and scenario analysis of the dynamics of security processes, which are hard to forecast.

One of the most important results of the activity of cybersecurity groups is the implementation—within the framework of modernization of National Security Strategy— of the development of draft National Cybersecurity Strategy, which passed successful approbation in the Information Resources Management College of the U.S. National Defense University.   

As to the educational constituent of the University activity, here intensive work aimed at implementing pilot courses of training in interagency and agency formats is underway.  They are based on the results of research of defense system reformation conducted by the specialists of the Defense Ministry, General Staff of the Armed Forces and other organizations cooperating with us, considering the results of the strategic review of the defense with the participation of consultants from NATO, CSTO, U.S. and Russia. Based on these courses it is planned to develop in the future a master program of defense and security preparation of new generation strategic leaders of the Republic of Armenia.  

With the organization of defense and security education in our University, integrity in the reformation of military education in Armenia will be reached, and this thanks to the creation of a system covering the levels extending form tactical to strategic ones—and ensuring the preparation of staff capable of effectively resisting the modern challenges of security,” Kotanjyan said in his report.  

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