August 08
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YEREVAN. – Armenian authorities categorically reject taking responsibility for the Artsakh issue, political analyst Karen Bekaryan said at the meeting of the Vernatun club.

The political team headed by the Prime Minister took the office with the high degree of trust, but now they are doing everything to avoid taking responsibility for the talks.

First Pashinyan said the matter would be solved at the square. Later on his statements transformed into “people would say what they want, and I would put it on the table” and so on. Several months later Pashinyan said he is not representing Artsakh and has no right to represent it, Bekaryan said.

“The apotheosis was the recent speech (I think it was in Paris) that the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group should determine the status. Do they realize in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or in the administration that this cannot be perceived? ”Karen Bekaryan wonders.

He noted that if we understand that the right to self-determination is a right that must be respected and accepted, other approaches are torpedoing the right as an element in the negotiation process.

“It appears that Azerbaijan may agree or not,” he added.

On the whole, Bekaryan is confident that the authorities want to delude the society by choosing unclear statements. They respond to the statements, which is a manipulation and a false agenda, while the foreign ministry and PM’s office are providing corrected texts.

“The authorities pursue a policy of closed eyes and ears,” Bekaryan said.

He highlighted the importance of holding such discussions in Artsakh to understand their concerns.

“We have to discuss the option of how efforts can be coordinated regardless of political views. Otherwise, the virus is spreading to Artsakh. One of the presidential candidates has already spoken about blacks and whites,” he added.

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