April 06
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Armenia has recorded the first case of coronavirus. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan informed on his Facebook page.

“Dear compatriots, unfortunately, the first confirmed case of coronavirus was recorded about two hours ago. The patient is a 29-year-old male citizen of Armenia who arrived from Tehran on February 28.

The man himself went to see a doctor and is in good condition. When he was going to the hospital, he had a fever, but now he doesn’t. The result of the initial test was positive, and the results of the second test were announced at 3 a.m. Yerevan time.

It should be mentioned that the result of the test of the patient’s wife is negative, that is, she doesn’t have the virus. The government will take necessary measures according to the rules prescribed by the World Health Organization.

People who are suspected of having had contact with the patient will be isolated. I must also mention that, as we had foreseen, there were citizens of Armenia aboard the plane flying from Tehran, and their inviolable right to return to their homeland was ensured.

All the passengers were wearing masks in Tehran and aboard the plane, were escorted from the plane and at the airport through a special procedure so that they don’t have necessary contacts.

The name of the employee of the border guard service who formulated the documents for the entry of the patient and his wife is known. As a matter of fact, the border guards were also wearing masks and medical gloves.

The taxi drivers who transported the patient from the airport to the house and from the house to the hospital will be found and will also be isolated. We will ensure high-level conditions in the hotels for isolated citizens, but separated from each other. Overall, about 30 citizens will be isolated,” he stated.

The Prime Minister also stated that he will suggest canceling the march that was scheduled for March 1, 2020.

“The Board of the Civil Contract Party will consider the issue of canceling the march for March 1st in the morning. I will suggest canceling the march.

All the necessary measures are being taken to not let the virus spread. At 12:00, Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan will give a press conference and report the information that will be known at that moment.

I call on everyone to stay calm, trust only the news spread by the government and official bodies, as well as apply the measures recommended by the Ministry of Healthcare that will present the spread of the virus.”

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