April 20
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The Spanish authorities decided to close one of their military bases in Iraq and withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, El Pais reported.

Troops serving at the Bismayah training camp in Iraq are expected to return to Spain by the end of July. Currently, there are 350 Spanish troops at this base. For five years, they have helped train Iraqi soldiers and law enforcement officers. Since 2015, 17 army brigades and 10 police units (totaling more than 50 thousand people) have been trained here.

However, about 200 Spanish soldiers will remain in Iraq at other bases.

As for Afghanistan, the troops will be withdrawn at the end of this year or the beginning of the next. 

According to the agreement between the US and the Taliban, concluded at the end of February, the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan should occur before May 2021.

Madrid is not going to wait until the last. Moreover, participation in this NATO mission led to the largest losses in the Spanish army over the past 40 years.

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