June 22
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Armenian forces destroyed Colonel Teheran Mensimov, Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinonyan writes about this on his Facebook page.

“Two days ago the azers disseminated info regarding the transport of their special forces detachments from Nakhichevan to "mainland" azerbaijan. Heading this detachment was colonel Tehran Mensimov who, in August, was in charge of the Nakhichevan troops during turkish-axeri exercises.

Set aside the fact that the azeris are running so low on well trained troops that they're having to expose their western front and move SOFs to the Artsakh front. The real news is that just two days after being transported, colonel Mensimov was liquidated on the Hadrut front. The last photo is from azeri telegram declaring him a "sehid." BTW, the telegram page entitled "Sehidlar" quotes dictator ilham aliev in Russian: "There's no war without casualties." I guess that's ok so long as noone from his corrupt degenerate family is at risk,” he wrote.

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