April 16
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The US, Israel and NATO are constantly trying to ignite conflicts in the South Caucasus region to destabilize Iran and Russia. This is the subject of an Insight analytical program on Iran's Press TV channel.

After the recent Azerbaijani military incursions into Armenia, we have witnessed a series of visits by the Israeli Minister of Military Affairs and the Saudi Foreign Minister to Azerbaijan and the U.S. House Speaker to Armenia.

It is obvious that the U.S. and Israel are trying to provoke Azerbaijan into occupying and annexing the southern regions of Armenia in order to expand and link NATO territory through Turkey eastward to the Caspian Sea, Central Asia and China within the so-called Panturan Corridor.

This is an attempt to create a West-East corridor through Turkey to China's western borders, a new version of the British Empire's old grand strategy of dividing Eurasia in the late 19th century to maintain an Anglo-American military presence in Eurasia in order to destabilize the geostrategic rivals of Iran, Russia and China. This time they are using Turkey and Azerbaijan as a tip and weapon to implement this grand strategy. Of course, unlike in the 19th century, in the 21st century Iran, Russia and China are powerful powers that will not allow this scheme to be implemented.

The US, Israel and NATO are betting on the corrupt regime of the Aliyev clan, who has ruled Azerbaijan as a dictator since the collapse of the USSR, urging him to escalate the conflict and start another war that will not affect his family, which is safely ensconced in London, the report said.

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