December 11
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Past daily of Armenia writes: Yesterday, when Azerbaijani sources spread information that the UN mission had arrived in Nagorno-Karabakh [(Artsakh)], it was difficult to quickly orientate or define what it is. Sarcasm or something more serious? It is reported that on the morning of October 1, the members of the UN mission left for Askeran-Stepanakert through Aghdam.

The continuation is more mocking: "The goal of the UN mission is to learn about the situation on the ground and determine the humanitarian needs of the population." The question arises: which or what population is it about? What humanitarian needs to determine, when as a result of the inaction and passiveness of many people, including the same UN, now there is no longer a population in Artsakh. Generally none.

Will the members of the UN mission talk to Russian peacekeepers or Azerbaijani terrorists, cannibals and criminals? During the last few months, there were 2 urgent sessions of the UN Security Council on the issue of Artsakh. And what? The sessions were urgent, but getting to the place of the UN mission, which had not yet made a decision or adopted a statement, was in no hurry! Where were the UN, the European Union, the "civilized world" for about 9 months, when the authorities of Azerbaijan had imposed a total blockade on Artsakh, creating a difficult humanitarian situation there? Or is it a permanent feature of "humanism:" to let their oil supplier massacre, deport, and ethnically cleanse the civilian population, and only then come post-facto, pretending to be humanitarian, humanist, and human rights activist?

Another message didn't get as much attention, but sounded no less cynical. It is talking about the information that when there were barely a few hundred [Armenian] people left in Artsakh, information was spread that 15 tons of flour were transported to Artsakh through the Russian peacekeeping forces. For whom? For the de-Armenianized and abandoned cities? Breathless buildings? Or is it for the internal needs of peacekeepers? And where were they, again, for 9 months straight?

(…) "21st century, not like before, human rights, international community," and he who relies on other such nonsense remains without a soil and without support.

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