February 22
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Armenian members of the parliament of Abkhazia made a statement addressed to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of the Republic of Armenia (RA).

The text of this statement was posted on the Telegram channel of the Nuzhnaya Gazeta media of Abkhazia.

"Statement of the MP of the People's Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia, A. Minosyan, G. Trapizonyan, E. Rshtuni, L. Galustyan:

‘"In my public statements, I have stated several times that we fully and unequivocally support the unity and statehood of Georgia,’ RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated the other day.


"We consider Pashinyan's statement as a demarche against our Motherland, the Republic of Abkhazia. What the Prime Minister of Armenia said certainly left a negative impression on us and left an unpleasant aftertaste.

"Let us remind Mr. Pashinyan that 42,000 persons of Armenian nationality live in Apsny [(Abkhazia)], the indigenous people have created all the conditions to learn our native language, to preserve unique customs and traditions. We proudly call Abkhazia our homeland.

"And finally, Armenia can, of course, support Georgia's territorial integrity. But the sovereign republic of Abkhazia has absolutely nothing to do with it. For 30 years, our multi-ethnic nation has been building its state. And unlike Pashinyan, there are no such politicians in Abkhazia who would question the people's choice and destroy, with one stroke of the pen, a country [i.e. Nagorno-Karabakh] that was won by the blood of its sons and daughters," the Armenian members of the parliament of Abkhazia noted, in particular, in their statement. 

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