April 19
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The objective of our foreign policy is to preserve our territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this on Sunday during a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Munich and neighboring regions in Germany.

"In relations with the EU and in general with all our [i.e. Armenia’s] Western partners, I attach importance not only to material relations, but also to value relations. Democracy is important for us or not; that is, we should build on this. Our ties with the EU are developing today because of democracy. The EU supports us in the issue of democracy, and we are also learning what democracy is," said Pashinyan.

He noted again that Armenia is not Russia's partner on the issue of Ukraine, and said that he is very sorry that he cannot have some bearing on the situation.

"The Ukrainian people are our friendly people, we should take that into account as well; there is no question of gratitude. How did the Armenians feel in Ukraine? They felt good, we are not ungrateful, we cannot forget this," the Armenian premier added.

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