June 19
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Zhoghovurd newspaper off Armenia writes as follows, in part: Political forces have proposed Bagrat Srbazan to sign a document confirming his candidacy for the position of prime minister of the interim government.

On May 18, Bagrat Srbazan, who leads the Tavush for the Homeland movement, had met with representatives of various political forces.

Zhoghovurd daily has learned new details from the closed meeting held that day. Thus, according to our sources, the representatives of all the political forces present agreed that in the event of the formation of an interim government, the candidate for the prime minister shall be Bagrat Srbazan himself, and they proposed to draw up a document recording all this and sign it with all of them. That is, they shall record on paper that the future prime minister is Bagrat Galstanyan, and put the signatures of all those present on that document.

[But] Bagrat Srbazan did not agree and did not sign any paper.

After the meeting, the Srbazan also had announced that before agreeing to nominate his candidacy, he must receive the approval of His Holiness [i.e. the Catholicos of All Armenians].

And yesterday he announced that the name of the prime minister's candidate will be announced already on Sunday, the day of the big rally; so, a rally full of interesting surprises is expected.

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