June 18
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The residents of those parts of Akhtala, where the houses went under water, have been evacuated. The head of the community Sevak Sargsyan told, providing details of the situation about the flood-hit regions in Armenia’s north.

"The water has not gone down yet. Now the residents whose houses were in the water have been evacuated. There was two-story residential building, where two families lived; it went under water … We evacuated them. Both are private houses. We don't have any casualties or injuries," he said, adding that about 15 residents were evacuated.

Heavy rains on May 26 caused floods in Armenia’s north, destroying roads and bridges and cutting off several villages and towns. One person is considered missing. Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has visited the disaster area.

Further, Sevak Sargsyan said that people had felt that the water was rising and came out of their homes. “Two cars and houses came under water. That's all we have for now. The railway, bridges have either collapsed or are damaged," said Sargsyan.

Asked if there is electricity in Akhtala, Sargsyan said that some places do have while others do not: “The electricity went out due to yesterday's lightning, we can't get there, we can't repair it, because we have to cross over the bridge of Akhtala, that has come under the river, it is not possible to cross."

Ministry of High-Tech Industry reported that because of floods in Lori and Tavush provinces, the Internet and telephone connections are operating with interruptions.



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