July 16
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We learned late yesterday night that the time of the government session was changed; also, we learned a little while ago that 44 out of 45 matters were unreported in the session. It's clear why it happened: because there is no government, nor any authority protecting the people in the country. Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leader of the opposition Tavush for the Homeland movement, told this to reporters outside the main building of the Armenian government Thursday.

Speaking about their plans, he said that at the moment they plan to hold a rally at the Marshal Baghramyan Avenue-Proshyan Street intersection—near the parliament building—at 8pm.

"In the meantime, we will also have discussions about our future actions because our entire planning of yesterday has been completely turned upside down in relation to the future as well. These people simply showed that they are perfect representatives of dictatorship," Archbishop Galstanyan added.

Earlier, Armenian reported that during Wednesday’s protests on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue—nearby the Armenian parliament building, a large number of police officers used brutal force against the demonstrators. The police used stun grenades, as a result of which many people were injured, and one person's hand was cut. Reporters covering the event were also injured; the cameraman of Armenian suffered a broken leg as a result of the use of stun grenades.

According to the Ministry of Health of Armenia, 101 civilians and police officers sought medical help as a result of the events that took place on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue.

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