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In the first quarter of this year, the GDP growth in Armenia was 9.2 percent, which was mainly provided by the construction, trade, and industry sectors. Armenia’s economy minister Gevorg Papoyan stated this during a press conference Friday—and recapping his 100 days in office in this capacity.

Also, Papoyan stressed the growth of exports in Armenia, noting that they increased by 104 percent, and imports—by 78 percent.

"In January-April, we have a 13.2-percent increase in economic activity,” he added.

“It is widely speculated that the number of tourists [visiting Armenia] has decreased compared to last year. The absolute number may have decreased, but we have a 9.3-percent increase in the ‘accommodation and public catering organizing’ line, we have a 1.1-percent increase also in the ‘culture, entertainment and leisure’ line. This is due to the fact that, unfortunately, in our country, the indicator characterizing the real state of tourism is not the indicator by which we calculate who is a tourist.

There are other important circumstances here. If last year 50 percent of those people were from Russia, now it is 40 percent already. The number of people coming from Russia has decreased, but instead of that, the number of tourists coming to Armenia from India, UAE, and some other countries has increased," the economy minister announced.

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