July 16
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Zhoghovurd newspaper of Armenia writes as follows, in part: Although the topic of Armenia's EU membership has entered the political agenda again in recent days by the hands of the extra-parliamentary forces and is in the heated phase of discussions, a consensus has not yet been formed within the authorities on this matter.


The matter is put so seriously by the extra-parliamentary forces that even today hearings will be held in the NA [(National Assembly)] on the proposal to hold a referendum on the matter of Armenia applying for EU membership.

Despite the extreme haste of these extra-parliamentary forces, Zhoghovurd daily learned that there are disagreements within the CC [i.e. the ruling majority Civil Contract Faction of the NA] on the matter of [Armenia’s] EU membership.

Most of the [CC] MPs expressed their opinion during the discussions that they "we are not ready" yet for this important and drastic foreign policy turn.

In other words, the CC is divided into two wings: one part believes that the only right path for Armenia is the EU, and the other part believes that there should be no rush regarding EU membership; (…).

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