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Syrian-Armenians’ dilemma - community preservation or migration?

Syrian-Armenians’ dilemma - community preservation or migration?July 29, 2012 | 08:03

Armenian News-NEWS.am presents Nanore Barsoumian’s article posted on the The Armenian Weekly with extractions.

In recent days, as violence continues in Syria, various steps have been taken in Armenia to decide rather indefinite situation of the Armenian community there.

The issue of immigrating to Armenia is not as simple as could have been imagined. 

Historian Ara Sanjian at the University of Michigan-Dearborn believes Armenians worldwide must provide moral and financial support to the Armenians in Syria.

Regarding the efforts of the Armenian Government, Sanjian believes that officials do not understand the problems of Diaspora well.

“The Armenian Government can do very little because of the situation in Syria, the poor economy in Armenia, and more importantly, because there is very little hard knowledge among the government officials and in the media about the realities of life in Diaspora,” he added.

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