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The deployment of a Turkish military base in Nakhichevan cannot be ruled out – especially amid Turkish President Abdullah Gul’s gentle hints during his recent visit to Azerbaijan, Anatoly Tsiganok, Head of the Russian Center for Military Forecasts, told, commenting on Azeri media reports on possible deployment of Turkish military units in Azerbaijan.

The expert stressed that the Armenian-Russian agreement on longer-term Russian military presence in Armenia may galvanize Turkey into deploying its military bases in Azerbaijan. “But the issues should be viewed not only in the context of Turkish-Azerbaijani relations. Rather it should be viewed in the context of Turkish-Russian relations,” the expert said, implying the recently intensified all-round Russian-Turkish cooperation. “Ankara got fast hooked on Russia. At first Turkey became ‘shuttle-dependent’ on Russia, then energy-dependent and it is not technically and militarily dependent. And it is unlikely to be able to make any steps without considering Russia’s interests,” Tsiganok said.

During his visit to Azerbaijan, the Turkish President signed a strategic partnership agreement, which actually means the formation of a new politico-military bloc – another military base, one of Azerbaijan’s “big brother” Turkey, may be stationed in Azerbaijan. Nakhichevan, a region between Armenia and Turkey, is a likely location.

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