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YEREVAN. - Armenia’s Founding Parliament radical opposition group member Jirair Sefilian has sent another letter from Vardashen criminal-executive institution, where he refers to the demand of President Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation and further process of struggle.

“The misinformation which was circulated a few days ago by [Karabakh MP] Vitaly Balasanyan on that the Sasna Tsrer [armed group] members and I have abandoned the demand of Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation, was immediately dismissed both by the representatives of the Sasna Tsrer group and me two days later.

Unfortunately, that misinformation continues to be circulated, this time, however, by the opposition figure, dear Nikol Pashinyan. The latter points out to my letter sent on July 31, saying that I didn’t “raise the demand of Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation” there. Unfortunately, he has misunderstood the content of the letter, specifically failing to notice the introductory paragraph, where it is apparently mentioned that the content of this letter exclusively refers to the proposal of possible negotiations as a happy medium, as a result of which the [armed group] members were to lay down their arms. I reiterate, it exclusively referred to laying down the arms by the members and preventing bloodshed.

Being in isolation and not fully disposing of the information, I thought of such a strategy to prevent bilateral bloodshed, and I don’t know, there might be another man or Nikol Pashinyan, who might find another way to prevent that danger. 

Considering that this false information was dismissed that day by the Sasna Tsrer members and I learnt about Varuzhan Avetisyan’s speech at the moment of laying down the arms, and also read the 7-point demands mentioned in an interview given by Founding Parliament President Garegin Chookaszian to CivilNet, I accept Nikol’s conclusion with perplexity.

Going ahead and taking advantage of the occasion, I urge Nikol and opposition members to perceive the seriousness of the moment and do everything possible to make meaningful Sasna Tsrer’s sacrifice, our insurgent peoples’   readiness to sacrifice and, above all, the unity and solidarity with each other.

In order not to leave the movement without leaders, I urge to form various supra-party formats and rush to liberate our country as soon as possible.    

Finally, I will try to re-edit the political agenda raised by us in the recent years, as well as the pan-Armenian political objective agenda of Sasna Tsrer’s demands in the following sequence:   

1. Set free PoWs and political prisoners

2. Formation of confidence government /with anti-crisis and transfer phase program/

3. Serzh Sargsyan’s removal

4. Snap parliamentary and presidential elections 

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