September 23
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A new report published by Global Net — Stop the Arms Trade (GN-STAT) organization says German Reich supplied weapons to the Ottoman Empire to carry out the Armenian Genocide and Prussian officers also laid the "ideological foundations" for the massacre.

“German officers who served in Turkish-Ottoman military staff actively helped carry out individual murders,” the report says.

The Turkish army was also equipped with hundreds of cannons produced by the Essen-based company Krupp, which were used in Turkey's assault on Armenian resistance fighters holding out on the Musa Dagh mountain in 1915, Deutsche Welle reported. In addition, Mauser company had a rifle monopoly for the Ottoman Empire.

"The question of who actually supplied the weapons, not only for the genocide but also for the First World War in Turkey, no one has really addressed that question before," said the author of the report Wolfgang Landgraeber. "And to what extent German officers took part in murders by actually picking up the rifles and firing them themselves — that wasn't known before."

While German companies provided the guns, and German soldiers the expert advice on how to use them, German officers also laid what Landgraeber calls the “ideological foundations” for the genocide.

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