September 27
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The early elections to the National Assembly of Armenia were held in accordance with the Constitution and the Electoral Code of Armenia. The elections were held on a multiparty basis, they were transparent and open, CIS observers said on Monday.

Election commissions of all levels provided conditions for the free expression of the will, the CIS observation mission said.

The mission, which has arrived at the invitation of the President of Armenia, included representatives of 8 CIS countries, the IPA CIS, the PA of the Belarus-Russia Union, the CIS Executive Committee.

The full text of the statement will be posted on the website of the CIS Executive Committee after the announcement of the official voting results by Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission.

The mission said they were working openly and without interfering with the electoral process and internal affairs of the country. The peculiarity of the current elections was a shortened campaign period. The mission confirms the findings of the 2017 elections and states that the Electoral Code provides for free and democratic elections.

The mission also pointed to an omission, namely that the elections were not continent for the disabled. The observers noted accurate work of the Central Electoral Commission which managed to organize elections in short terms.

The observers followed the election at 10 electoral distracts, and they were provided with an opportunity to study the work of the commission and had an access to the documents.

The Central Electoral Commission and commissions took the necessary measures to prepare and conduct the elections in accordance with the country's legislation and at a high organizational level.

At the same time, minor violations were recorded: some cases of damage to posters, placement of campaign materials in inappropriate places. To study reports of violations in the Prosecutor General’s Office has created a special working group. As of December 7, the group reviewed 59 publications in the media. The police reviewed 64 messages.

On the Election Day technical equipment was used to eliminate repeated voting. Overall, 1,500 precincts were equipped with video surveillance. Representatives of the CIS mission visited 677 precinct in 13 electoral districts. Technical equipment in general worked smoothly.

The observers reported about certain irregularities which could not affect the voting results. A large number of observers from 22 public organizations provided civilian control. CIS observers note that they give an assessment of the elections based on their own observation and analysis of factual material.

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