February 01
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We are witnessing the Turkish annexation of Azerbaijan; East Hitler - Erdogan - is implementing the annexation of Azerbaijan. David Babayan, Advisor to the President of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), has stated this in an interview with Armenian

Touching upon the history of the Turkish state, Babayan noted that what is happening right now can be conventionally called the "third expansion" of Turkey. The first one was under the Seljuks when the Ottoman Empire has been established on the ruins of the Seljuk Empire. Then, current Turkey and its content are very different from its predecessors. "The Ottomans and Seljuks had no nationalist approach to nation-building. They conquered territories and wanted to adopt the customs of the local population, purposefully changed the anthropological appearance. This means that they somehow wanted to abandon the nomadic past, considering it to be some sort of anachronism not befitting the empire.

The current Turks have a completely different approach with a core ideology of Nazism. Before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the European powers had built in a landmine in the form of pan-Turkism ideology. It was designed to prevent an alliance between Russia and Turkey on a long-term basis and to direct Turkey's expansion towards Central Asia, the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, i.e. to withdraw from Europe.

The situation is similar to what was done with Germany - it gave an impetus to expansion to the East. In other words, it is a technology that always works, stating that „the enemy of my enemy is my friend“. In addition, the ideology of Pan-Turkism was to undermine the Ottoman Empire from inside, replacing the ideology of pan-Islamism, because the Turkish sultan was at the same time the head of the faithful Sunnis. Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Ataturk created a new nationalist empire. "It was a purely Turkish state. The Nazi Turkish state sought to expand its borders at the expense of other nations, eliminating them. The Ottomans and Seljuks did not have this. They conquered the nations, but did not exterminate them; there were even cases of conquest without war," David Babayan said.

But with the introduction of pan-Turkism ideology, we see a different situation, very similar to what happened to Germany under Hitler, continued the presidential advisor. "Erdogan is the embodiment of this ideology of Turkey. It's no coincidence that he worships Hitler. He said that Hitler was the ideal ruler for him. All this has been swallowed, including Israel. Otherwise, now in the Government of Israel, there would be no people selling weapons to a follower of Hitler. This is nonsense.

Of course, all the states that took the path of Nazism had a sad end. I am more than sure that this kind of action will eventually lead to the collapse of this country. We do not know when it will happen. I don't want us to guess, reassure ourselves that tomorrow Turkey will fall apart, and so on. We don't know when it will happen. But a mine has been laid for a long time and the clock is ticking. Nobody knows how long it will last and what will happen. But it is a fact that Nazism has become Turkey's ideology. And now we have a full glue in the face of Azerbaijan. Let me remind you that Austria was the first country absorbed by Hitler's Germany. Turkey's annexation of Azerbaijan is, what is happening right now. And the destruction of Armenians, in Karabakh, Zangezur, and so on, is on the agenda of Nazi Turkey. Of course, these plans are not going to come true, but that is what they want. And the annexation happens again with the connivance of the states that are obliged to react. Unfortunately, we don't see their concrete steps yet," Babayan stressed.

Answering a question about the Kurdish factor, David Babayan stated that the Kurds are under very serious threat. "Because they are now in the place of Armenians if we project the situation into 1914. They are an ethnic barrier to the establishment of the Nazi Turkish Empire, separating the Turks of Anatolia from the Turks of Iran, Transcaucasia, and so on. They are right in the middle of the bridge that connects the Turks of Anatolia with the Turks of Central Asia, Caucasus, and the Volga region. In other words, their situation is quite similar to the Armenian people‘s. In 1914, the Armenians turned into the main obstacle. The Kurds are now in our place. Kurdish leaders must also understand this. Moreover, the Kurds are the factor that can undermine the Turkish state from inside. The Kurds are a very important obstacle to Turkey's expansion," concluded David Babayan.

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