April 17
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The Azerbaijanis had also crossed Armenia’s state border near the Kut village of Gegharkunik Province two days ago, that is, on May 12. This is what head of the village Sima Chitchyan told Armenian, yet had trouble saying how far the adversary has advanced. However, she emphasized the fact that they are standing on the borderline.

“The road from Kut village to the borderline is 4.5 km by air. I can’t say whether their troops are large in number or not. They are located where our residents would graze cattle. The first day, they told our shepherds that it’s their territory, and the residents, who didn’t understand and were scared, took their cattle and left,” the head of the village said.

According to Chitchyan, Governor of Gegharkunik Province Gnel Sanosyan was in Kut village a little while ago. Chitchyan doesn’t know anything about the negotiations. The fact remains that the Azerbaijani troops haven’t left the territory of Armenia. Chitchyan assured that there is no panic in the village and everything is under the control of the Armed Forces of Armenia.

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