August 12
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Armenia must build correct direct relations with its key ally, Russia. Artur Vanetsyan, the former director of the National Security Service, the leader of the "I have the honor" bloc, and the latter’s candidate for Prime Minister of Armenia, said this in an interview with renowned Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov.

"Russia is our ally, and Armenia cannot have a better ally. There must be correct direct relations. Russia does not tolerate liars, people who do not speak directly about relations and problems. And Russia must be taken into account; it is a superpower. And I believe that after coming to power, we should consider the issue of closer cooperation, deeper integration processes with Russia. Make sure that the relations between Russia and Armenia are at such a level that no one can change them," Vanetsyan said.

The candidate for the post of PM of Armenia noted that 20 of the 26 political forces that will be running in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20 are actively campaigning against Russia and blaming Russia for all the misfortunes of Armenia. "Because for three years the capitulator [i.e., Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan] spoiled the relations with Russia. He says that everything is good and wonderful, that he has good relations with [Russian President] Putin. [But] in fact, he is always negotiating with others," Vanetsyan added.

In this connection, Pashinyan’s recent visit to France and his lavish statements were mentioned. "France has really done a lot for Armenia. But let us not forget who Russia is. France, without a doubt, is our friend. But let us not befriend anyone at the expense of another. Armenia needs people who understand what a ‘state’ is, with military discipline, who will work with foreign partners on an honest basis," Vanetsyan said.

And answering the question about the role of the Russian language in Armenia, the PM candidate stated: "I believe that the role of the Russian language in Armenia should be increased. Now there are only four Russian-immersion schools in the country. The role of [Russian] language should be increased [in Armenia] together with Russian partners. Our main partners are Russia and the Russian-speaking countries."

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