April 25
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The parliamentary election results being published are highly controversial and do not inspire confidence. This is noted in a statement issued by the "Armenia" bloc, which is led by second President Robert Kocharyan, in connection with Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections’ results being publicized.

"They [these results] are in extreme conflict with the various manifestations of public life that we have witnessed over the past  months, with all the results of public opinion polls, including international, and ultimately—with simple common sense.

The very crowded rallies of the opposition forces during the [election] campaign and the obviously few-people events of the authorities, the crisis of confidence existing in the country, were indicating the existence of a completely different public mood.

The most serious grounds for the lack of trust are the hundreds of reports coming from various polling stations on the actual day of the election, which testify to the systematic and pre-planned falsification of the election results.

Taking into account the above, the ‘Armenia’ bloc sets a task of an in-depth and substantiated study of the registered and assumed violations, which we undertake immediately.

As long as all the problematic issues have not received comprehensive explanations and the doubts have not been dispelled, the ‘Armenia’ bloc will not accept the election results," the statement also reads.

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