November 29
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After the rebranding, Team Telecom Armenia appeared before the users in new colors and with a new brand.

More than 900,000 users of the company will be able to continue using the services to which they are accustomed. Director-General of the company Hayk Yesayan said in a talk with the journalists that the quality of the services will only grow in the future, moreover, new services and new technologies - exclusive not only for Armenia but also for the whole region - are planned to be introduced.

About a year and a half ago, Telecom Armenia purchased 100% of the shares of Beeline Armenia, which was the first telecom operator in Armenia. During an event celebrating the opening of the company's main service center on Northern Avenue, Yesayan said the rebranding, which required long and hard teamwork, is finally over and the company, which has become 100% Armenian, has been finally renamed to Team Telecom Armenia.

According to Yesayan, the company was initially planned to be called "Allnet" (the entire network). But then, the founders realized that the idea and spirit of the company would be better conveyed by "Team": it is both an abbreviation of Telecom Armenia, and a word, meaning "team" - both in English and in Armenian.

As Yesayan noted, Team Telecom Armenia currently offers the widest range of telecommunication services in Armenia: the services, which were used by Beeline clients, will be preserved, but a lot of new ones will be added to them. Thus, for example, the 25-gigabit network is already available and operating in a number of cities (Jermuk, Kajaran, Gndevaz), as well as in Davtashen and Arabkir regions of Yerevan, where over 55 000 users can already be connected to the network. Very soon it will also be available in the center of Yerevan, as well as in the towns of Metsamor and Hrazdan.

In response to a question of, Hayk Yesayan said the sphere of telecommunications in Armenia is highly developed compared not only to other countries of the region but even to the developed European countries. For instance, today internet is available almost everywhere in Armenia: both mobile and fixed internet, which hardly any other country can boast of.

However, there is a lot of work to be done in the corporate and B2B segments: according to Yesayan, Armenia still lags behind the developed countries in this sphere, but Team Telecom Armenia is planning to make up for the difference within 2-3 years.

Head of Commercial Projects Elina Drbashyan, who was in charge of the rebranding of the company, told the journalists that the colors for the new brand were not chosen by chance. The company designers studied current trends, as well as the telecom and IT market in order to choose colors that are uncommon for other brands and that precisely convey the spirit of Team Telecom Armenia. As a result, they chose calm, restrained blue, active red and gentle sky blue.

All 78 branches and sales and service offices are no longer yellow and black. What has changed, though, is not only the design of the interiors of these offices, but also the furnishings in them: the smartphones, headphones, and other devices being sold are no longer behind glass, but on open stands so that customers can touch them and try them in operation.

"We wanted visitors to feel comfortable, to feel free, because this brand is also about freedom," Drbashian said.

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