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Snow fell in some areas of Sharqiya province in northeastern Egypt on Sunday night to Monday, according to local newspaper Ad Dustour.

According to its information, some time ago, roads and roofs of buildings in Sharqiya settlements were covered with a small layer of wet snow. The newspaper publishes photos of residents of the city on the 10th of Ramadan, in which almost all the streets and squares were for a time covered with snow, and the highways were covered with an icy crust.

Authorities in Cairo imposed an emergency regime on the city's road and utility services after the past heavy rains. By order of Governor Khaled Abdel-Al, all municipal workers are on duty round the clock, there is continuous coordination with the meteorological office, and emergency crews have been put on duty. Many streets in Cairo are blocked because of water accumulation, tunnels are temporarily closed, and traffic on bridges over the Nile River is limited.

These measures were taken after a sharp drop in temperature in central and northern Egypt and the onset of a powerful thunderstorm front from the Mediterranean coast. The temperature at night is dropping by at least 10 degrees, which is especially alarming given the lack of central heating in the vast majority of homes in both Cairo and cities in the Egyptian provinces. Weather forecasters predict that the cold and rainy weather for the country will last for a few more days.

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