December 04
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In reality, a forced deportation is taking place in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) at this moment. It's not just like that that the people are leaving their native homes, cradles at their own will. Tigran Abrahamyan, secretary of the opposition "With Honor" Faction of the National Assembly of Armenia and a security expert, told reporters about this outside the main Armenian government building Monday.

Abrahamyan noted that Azerbaijan’s genocidal policy, which was very clearly seen in the last period, was the exhausting time period of the last nine months, the aim was to break the resistance of the people of Artsakh, and in the last phase: to carry out actual combat operations.

"Sadly, this happened under conditions of silence, and in some cases—consent, by the authorities of Armenia," said the opposition MP.

Abrahamyan emphasized that the people of Artsakh battled in all aspects.

"The people of Artsakh, as much as possible, kept their entrusted part of the front line. There is not a single combat position that a soldier has abandoned, battles have been fought in all directions. There are [combat] positions where the entire personnel was killed. That is, they kept, even at that cost, the border they were trusted," he said.

Despite this, according to Abrahamyan, the military imbalance was obvious. On the one hand, Turkey assisted Azerbaijan with all possible means, on the other hand, Artsakh was already under siege for nine months, there was an acute shortage of basic necessities, and under these conditions, Artsakh could not resist for long.

"Also, the fact that the authorities of Armenia took a passive stance, even announced that they would not intervene under any circumstances, also enabled Azerbaijan to continue the military operations in the most severe way," said Abrahamyan.

According to him, it was no accident that during the large-scale military operations, Azerbaijan used all the resources of its arsenal: from long-range precision missile systems to military aviation, drones, etc.

"Under these conditions, the people of Artsakh simply faced a dead end. Their departure from their homeland is not of their own volition, but a consequence of Azerbaijani [military] aggression, the end of international law, and the criminal indifference of the authorities of Armenia," added Tigran Abrahamyan.

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