December 04
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Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, is closely monitoring the evolving situation in and around Nagorno-Karabakh. In a statement, she emphasized the dire conditions faced by the Karabakh Armenians, with 100,483 people, including families, the elderly, and vulnerable populations, having fled their homes and sought refuge in neighboring Armenia following recent military actions by Azerbaijan.

Mijatović acknowledged the efforts of the Armenian authorities in protecting and assisting those in need, supported by UNHCR, other UN agencies, and civil society. However, she stressed the need for more support to identify and address the needs of all affected individuals, calling on Council of Europe member states to demonstrate solidarity and provide necessary assistance.

The Azerbaijani authorities have initiated various measures for the reintegration of the Karabakh region and its residents. Mijatović called on the Azerbaijani government to guarantee the safety and human rights of ethnic Armenians in Karabakh, including equal treatment, protection from violence, intimidation, and hatred, with special attention to vulnerable groups such as the injured, elderly, women, and children.

Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of ensuring the rights of those who have been displaced, including the right to return to their homes safely and with dignity. Mijatović stressed the need for unrestricted access for humanitarian aid providers and international human rights missions to all affected areas and people.

Mijatović also noted the deployment of a UN mission in the Karabakh region and expressed her commitment to engaging with relevant parties from Armenia and Azerbaijan to address existing human rights challenges. As Commissioner for Human Rights, she announced plans to visit Armenia in the near future.

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