April 14
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In the indictments drawn up by the Turkish prosecutor's office against the Islamic State, it is confirmed that Turkey has become the center for the Afghan wing of the Islamic State.

The Turkish prosecutor's office actually admits in its indictment against the Islamic State that Turkey has become a center for the recruitment and transit of terrorists for the Islamic State, reports Arti Gercek website.

It is noted that although the prosecutor's office presents serious facts about the Islamic State, very mild sentences are imposed against its members in Turkey, and in many cases they are released directly from the court.

After losing territories in Iraq and Syria, many Islamic State members have entered Turkey through illegal means, some of them have received the right to live in the country legally, some left the country, and others were deported by court order. But many of them have returned to Turkey, in other ways, after being deported.

The Turkish law enforcement agencies express concern that the Islamic State has resumed its activities in Turkey.

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