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Marina Kaljurand, Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the South Caucasus, spoke at the European Parliament session dedicated to Armenia-EU relations.

Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan clearly said that Armenia stands with Europe and is ready for close cooperation with the EU. This is due not only to the economic situation, but also to the country's commitment to European values and the difficult security situation, Kaljurand said.

Also, she welcomed the EU civilian monitoring mission in Armenia and the latter's engagement in the peace plan with Azerbaijan.

The Estonian member of the European Parliament expressed a view that now is the right time to start a dialogue on EU visa liberalization with Armenia and support the latter's broader inclusion in communication and other regional programs.

At the same time, Armenia has a lot of work to do, and it largely depends on Russia, and the Russian army is stationed there, she added.

And after 30 years of suffering, the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan deserve to live peacefully and safely Marina Kaljurand said, and she called on the leadership of Azerbaijan to accept the comprehensive peace agreement, which provides for recognition of each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as non-use of force.

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