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In the first phase, we discussed and approved the working procedure with the governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan, by which we described, in fact, the way of recapping and organizing the results of our contacts. Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan said this during Wednesday’s question-and-answer session in parliament with the government.

"At this phase, we are discussing the regulation of joint activities, which will contain much more methodical description. When we finish this work, both countries will put the draft of the given document into domestic circulation, depending on the content as to what will be described and what consensus we will reach, and, accordingly, the document will most likely be circulated as a draft law," Grigoryan said.

Majority faction MP Sergey Bagratyan asked whether there is a roadmap as to when they will reach the border delimitation and demarcation, the deputy PM responded: "I believe if we stay within the framework of our principled positions, and the work and logic of the draft document stem from the Almaty declaration [of 1991], we can have a draft regulation within two to three months that will contain the methodology of work. Once the methodology is approved, the actual process of both [border] delimitation and demarcation will take a lot of time—but, nonetheless, it will be clear to all of us what we are engaged in."

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