April 14
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Gallup has presented the results of its latest survey conducted in Armenia—and which this time is in connection with the country’s problems with the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which Armenia is a member in, and the supply of weapons from France.

The sources of this survey, called "French Kiss," presented the results. The survey was conducted by phone between February 26 and 28, a total of 1,100 people were surveyed, and the margin of error is 3 percent.

According to the results of the survey, 35 percent believe that the situation in which Armenia has found itself is the result of the actions of its authorities, foreign forces—29.9 percent, and conflicts occurring in the world—more than 24 percent.

When asked whether the Armenian PM's initiative to freeze CSTO membership is in line with the Armenia's interests, 23 percent of the respondents answered that it is definitely in line, 13.9 percent think that it is rather in line, more than 16 percent think that it is rather not in line, and more than 42 percent believe that it does not in line at all.

When asked whether Armenia should remain in the CSTO or join NATO, more than 40 percent responded that the country should maintain neutrality and not be in any military alliance, and 28 percent believe that it should remain in the CSTO.

When asked whether the Armenian authorities are making enough efforts to free the Armenian captives held in Azerbaijan, 13.5 percent considered them enough, more than 12 percent—rather enough, 15 percent—rather not enough, more than 44 percent—definitely not enough, and about 80 percent believe that there may be a war.

About 56 percent evaluated the development of Armenia’s military cooperation with France positively, and only 4.7 percent—negatively. A total of 46 percent preferred buying weapons from France, 21.9 percent—from Russia, 15.9 percent—from Iran, then from the US, India, and China.

About 60 percent did not consider being correct, in one way or another, the decision of the Armenian authorities to not hold events on the anniversary of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) liberation movement.

And when asked whether the “price” would be acceptable if the EU demanded from Armenia to leave the CSTO and Eurasian Economic Union as a condition for visa liberalization, 23.5 percent considered such a “price” definitely acceptable, 19 percent—rather acceptable, 15 percent—rather unacceptable, and 32.9 percent—definitely unacceptable.

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