May 23
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Hraparak daily of Armenia writes as follows, in particular: During the closed session that was held in the parliament initiated by the opposition yesterday, the agenda of which was [Armenia-Azerbaijan] border delimitation and demarcation issues, the [parliamentary] opposition members submitted to the [Armenian] authorities the legal documents agreed between Armenia and Azerbaijan in various years and urged to implement the border demarcation with them.

Among them, at least 2 of the 4 territories mentioned by [Armenian PM Nikol] Pashinyan are not considered Azerbaijani. It is about the document (…), which was signed by the [then] Central Committee Secretary Vladimir Movsisyan on behalf of Armenia. It is an agreement on the borders between the Armenian and Azerbaijan SSRs, which was signed on the basis of the conclusions given by various departments and signed by Moscow.

The [border] demarcation was clearly defined in the document, one point of which says that Baghanis and Voskepar state farms will be returned equivalent territories in exchange for the lands allocated for the construction of houses of Askipar village.

[Armenian Deputy PM] Mher Grigoryan assured that all the documents are being studied by the [respective Armenian and Azerbaijani] commissions; the problem is that there is no agreement.

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