June 18
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The overflowing of the Debed River has caused no immediate harm to the village of Mets Ayrum, but it has left the village in a blockade, because the bridges and roads have come under water, which may cause bread shortages in coming days, the head of the community, Levon Zakaryan, told

"The village is now cut off from the world. The shops still have food and everything, the village has no problems with water or electricity. The problem now is the exit," he said, adding that the village is in a high area, that's why the water did not reach the village.

"As of now, there is no need to leave the village, but it seems to me that we will have problems from tomorrow. Perhaps we will have a shortage of bread, because we have residents who buy bread on a daily basis, because there will be no bread in the village, a problem will arise," Zakaryan said.

Heavy rains on May 26 caused floods in Armenia’s north, destroying roads and bridges and cutting off several villages and towns. One person is considered missing. Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has visited the disaster area.



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