July 16
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Hollywood actor, producer, and director Joe Manganiello visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum in Yerevan as part of his visit to Armenia, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute informs Armenian

“Tervis Rose Darakjian, the Hollywood actor's maternal great-grandmother, survived the Armenian Genocide. Her husband and seven children were killed by the Turks, and the 8th drowned while fleeing across the Euphrates River. Shortly after these events, Tervis’ ninth child, Sirarpi, Joe Manganiello's grandmother, was born. The actor was talking, with great excitement and admiration, about his great-grandmother from Kharberd," the statement reads.

And at the end of his visit, Manganiello planted a fir tree in the Memorial Park in memory of his great-grandmother Tervis Rose Darakjian and grandmother Sirarpi, fulfilling his long-held wish.

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