August 11
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Artur Vanetsyan, former Director of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, has responded to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement in Los Angeles, reported.

“RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, at the news conference that took place in Los Angeles, again spoke about things he understands a little,” Vanetsyan’s response reads, in particular. “Despite, after my resignation, he still continues to send people to me with a request to remain silent for a while so that the situation can calm down, now I see that he is yet again breaking the arrangements and making incomprehensible, in fact, populist statements about nothing.

“It is apparent that Nikol Pashinyan, eager to make a short-term impact on public sentiments, again does not think about the consequences of his words. Can you imagine if I suddenly start speaking without thinking about the consequences?

“All right, how long can one mislead the public by promoting the thesis that, ‘Whoever is not with us is a traitor of the nation?’ And if anyone disagrees with that assertion, according to the prime minister, then he works on the orders of the former ones. I have said and I repeat again: Do not attempt to link me with the former ones.

“It is logical that those with no military knowledge and the mindset of the military, with superficial understanding of their debt to the Homeland cannot know the honor of the officer and the meaning of epaulettes. By the way, let me remind: according to the RA Constitution, the RA prime minister is not a Supreme Commander during non-state of war. I regret that it has gone so far.

“A careful reader of my announcement on resignation, I am convinced, has understood what I had meant. So I confidently assert: Time will tell who, or what, will appear in the dump.

“I believe [that] our people will never be depressed and will no longer give in to manipulative statements. In the text of my resignation, I had said: Let it be a sobering call to ‘Stop!’ The debt to the Homeland will prevail in all other options.

Also, Artur Vanetsyan noted that he will speak about his future plans in the near future.

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