January 27
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YEREVAN. – On April 3, the Government of the Republic of Armenia (RA) adopted a decision to amend the Decision on Declaring a State of Emergency, according to which foreigners are prohibited from entering Armenia through the country’s border checkpoints, regardless of their place of arrival. This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in a statement.

As per the statement, this change was made taking into account that the geographical spread of the novel coronavirus is no longer limited to countries with a tense epidemiological situation, and includes almost all countries (territories) in the world.

According to the above-mentioned decision, any person who is not an RA citizen or a member of the family of an RA citizen, as well as has no right to lawfully reside in the RA is prohibited from entering the country throughout the state of emergency.

Exceptions are the diplomatic representatives of foreign countries, representatives of consular institutions and international organizations and members of their families, as well as persons authorized to enter by the decisions of the Commandant, or in special cases authorized by him.

Upon entering the RA at the checkpoints, persons are immediately subjected to a special inspection in order to detect the presence of the coronavirus or its symptoms.

After undergoing the appropriate examination, all persons are subject to mandatory self-isolation, unless hospitalization and/or other restrictive measures are applied to them due to the presence of symptoms.

If people refuse to undergo a medical examination, hospitalization, self-isolation and/or other restrictive measures after entering the RA, their right to free movement may be restricted within a certain area (place) in order to study, treat, and prevent the spread of the infection.

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