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In an interview with Armenpress, head of the expedition of Artsakh’s Tigranakert Hamlet Petrosyan said the archaeological camp of Tigranakert suffered great damages, two of the four shacks were destroyed, the doors and windows of the other shacks and the property was damaged as a result of Azerbaijan’s shelling.

A few days ago, someone had seen this atrocity of the adversary and informed Petrosyan. Later, a group of volunteers went and saw that a projectile had fallen in the yard.

The shacks were rather valuable and furnished with an air conditioner, etc. According to Petrosyan, the Azerbaijanis purposefully struck the camp, thinking there might be people there. “There is an 18th century fortress next to it, and it appears better than the shacks. I believe they thought there might be people in those shacks. They knew that this is Tigranakert. There is no Azerbaijani website that wouldn’t comment on our excavations and our lives here for many years,” Petrosyan said.

According to Petrosyan, Azerbaijan was perpetrating cultural genocide very well in relatively peaceful conditions, but now it isn’t paying too much attention to this since the goal is to annihilate the Armenians and cleanse the territory of the Armenians.

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