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In one of the parts of Turkish President Erdogan's statement, it is mentioned that the "corridor" is a political issue and a discussable issue. Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, Armen Grigoryan, stated about this Friday on Public Television.

"The logic of a 'corridor' must be understood. First, we [i.e., Armenia] have stated that there can be no 'sovereign corridor,' a 'sovereign corridor' cannot exist in the territory of Armenia. 'Corridors' or roads, roads existing in Armenia may be opened, which the Azerbaijanis or Turkey will be able to use in order to connect with Azerbaijan; such an option is possible. But those roads will be under the control of the sovereign territory of Armenia," Grigoryan added.

According to him, a dialogue is needed to resolve this issue, and since "there are positive signals at a high level," Armenia sees an opportunity to discuss these issues and reach a mutual understanding.

"The Turkish president used the term 'corridors;' not singular, but plural, ‘corridors.’ And when it is said ‘corridors,’ we see several roads; that is very close to our logic. And if there will be an opportunity to discuss, an opportunity for dialogue, then, I believe we will find solutions. That is, we see 'corridors' in this way: to use several roads in Armenia," Grigoryan noted.

He added that the issue of the corridor is not discussed at the level of deputy prime ministers of Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan, but rather the issue of unblocking all road infrastructure.

"We [i.e., Armenia] are more inclined to be able to use the existing infrastructures—that is, the Yerevan-Tbilisi-Baku-Russia railway, as well as the Yerevan-Nakhichevan-Julfa—where there is virtually no need to introduce infrastructures. A small part—of about 1 kilometer—needs to be constructed there on the Armenia-Nakhichevan border, which [i.e., the construction] will last very short. Also, Azerbaijan can use the roads of Armenia. That is, the western regions of Azerbaijan will use the infrastructures—be it via Tavush or Syunik [Provinces of Armenia]—to connect with Nakhichevan. We are inclined to this option, and are discussing [it] in order to try to move forward," said the secretary of the Security Council of Armenia.

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