December 11
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I am extremely disappointed with the position of the US government, which for three years kept silent while the Armenian people were killed and subjected to aggression. The publisher and editor of The California Courier newspaper Harut Sassounian told

“In addition, over the past nine months, when the Lachin corridor was under blockade, the United States did nothing except make statements. And now, when Artsakh is lost, the Administrator of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Samantha Power comes to Armenia and shamelessly says that the United States will allocate $11.5 million. This is a very small amount, given the scale of the disaster,” Sassounian said.

According to his assessment, the United States should have allocated at least $1 billion so that everyone could get some help.

“We are tired of hearing beautiful words from everyone. Biden also wrote a beautiful letter, but for three years, he also did not say a word about Artsakh. Not only do they not help us, but at every opportunity, they support Azerbaijan and Turkey, inspiring them to take new anti-Armenian steps.

I have defended Biden all my life, but now the entire Armenian community in the United States is disappointed in him. I am sure that Biden will not receive as many Armenian votes as last time,” he added.

At the same time, Sassounian believes that the candidacy of Biden’s opponent, Trump, is even worse for Armenian interests. “So the choice is between bad and worse,” said the editor of The California Courier.

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