February 29
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We want to have a scientific and educational life in the Academic Town, that's why we thought that all universities should be in the Academic Town, there should be up to eight state universities and all these universities should be fully financed by the state. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at televised press conference.

According to him, paid education will not be excluded in the future model, but RA citizen students who show proper progress will not have to pay tuition fees.

"The academic city will be established in the 17th District of Yerevan, at the intersection of Aragatsotn, Kotayk and Armavir marzes. At the moment, it is a wasteland, no other work is being done except for the design. Construction works will begin in the next phase. Apart from that, important and substantive work is being done around the Academic Town," he said.

According to Pashinyan, over time, universities and scientific research centers have been separated from each other in many cases and the research component of higher education has often been left out, which has a negative impact on the quality of education and the attractiveness of education, because students are unable to apply the knowledge they received at the university at work.

"For this reason, months ago, the Ministry of Education and Culture issued a statement that it asks, calls on and instructs the university and scientific research institutions to start a discussion for the purpose of forming eight university clusters. We ask, call on and instruct that the universities and research institutions discuss together which universities and research institutes can unite and carry out joint activities in the academic city," he said.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science has received many responses from diaspora scientists and professors, and there is a list of diaspora scientists who are actively involved in the process, Pashinyan added.

Pashinyan also explained the motivation for creating the Academic Town. "Today, there is not a single university in Armenia that meets international standards, for example, with its physical characteristics, and if we certify our universities according to international standards, all of them will be closed on the grounds of non-compliance."  

According to him, they also want to attract international applicants to Armenia in the Academic Town, in addition to universities, high schools and hostels will operate.


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