September 25
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An international donor conference has raised 252.7 million euros to help Lebanon, which is in a humanitarian crisis, the dpa agency reported referring to the entourage of President Emmanuel Macron, who presided over an online conference organized by France and the UN.

According to the agency, the amount of financial aid provided by Paris will amount to 30 million euros, DW reported.

In turn, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in an interview with the German media company ZDF said that Germany's assistance to overcome the great disaster that is now happening in Beirut will amount to 20 million euros.

Commenting on the results of the conference, the FM noted he was impressed by how many countries are ready to help Lebanon.

US President Donald Trump also promised further support to Beirut, leaving the question of specific amounts open for now. According to him, the US would like to coordinate its actions with other countries. It is not yet known about Russia's participation in the conference, although, as Macron said at the opening of the forum, Paris turned to Moscow for help.

European Union's assistance will reach 63 million euros, which is 30 million euros more than previously announced.

Five days after the devastating explosions in the port of Beirut, participants in a donor conference blocked the amount of aid requested by the UN. According to United Nations estimates, $ 116.9 million (about € 99 million) should be spent on medical and food assistance, as well as the construction of new housing for the nearly 300,000 Beirut residents left without a roof over their heads.

As a result of two blasts stored in the port of Beirut in improper conditions, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate killed over 150 people, while about 6,000 were injured.

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